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Pine Needle Christmas Ornament Kit
Price: $18.95

Pine Needle Christmas Ornament Kit. Learn simple wrapping and coiling techniques as you make a pine needle heart, 3 wreaths, a snow-flake, a spiral medallion and a small surprise basket with a handle. These ornaments will be family treasures on the Christmas tree. Several of the ornaments can be used for other holidays.
Pine Needle Complete Basket Kit
Price: $16.95

Pine needle basketry is an American folk art. With this kit you can make a charming 3”-5” diameter coiled basket using California pine needles and raffia. The illustrated instructions are easy to follow. A variety of simple basketry stitches are explained as well as details on making lids and handles and caring for your finished basket.
Pine Needles in Bulk
Price: $16.50 per bundle

These California Ponderosa pine needles are great to use in your coiled pine needle basket. The needles are approximately 10-12” long. And come packaged in 8 oz bunches.
Polished Hemp Twine
Price: $5.50 (per coil)

Hemp Twine is a thin, smooth, twisted twine made from natural hemp fibers. It works great as a core for coiled baskets using waxed linen thread, twining or hemp jewelry making.
Processed West Coast Raffia - Color
Price: $11.50 (per bag)

We carry the finest quality imported raffia, fireproofed and wrapped in cellophane. Each package weighs approximately 12 oz. Available in a variety of colors: natural, golden brown, black, orange, yellow, medium brown, emerald green, seafoam green, hunter green, wine, purple, harbor blue, country blue, mauve, peach, pink, burgundy, cerise, olive green, red, and multi-colored.
Seagrass Stems
Price: $5.50 (per bundle)

These are strands of sea grass put up in 1 lb bundles approximately 36” in length. This material can be braided, coiled twisted or twined. Great for use in coiled type basketry. They are green in color.
Unprocessed Malagasy West Coast Raffia
Price: $6.72 (per pound)

Malagasay West Coast "Extra Fancy" natural raffia is available in open type hanks weighing approximately 2-3 lbs. each. Average length is 50-60 inches. Our raffia is supple, strong and durable with broad strands of good clean color.
Waxed Irish Linen Thread
Price: $16.95 (each)

Great to use in coiled basketry, pine needle basketry, with gourds and jewelry. It is 4 ply and comes in 100 yard spools.
Wire Stake
Price: $5.95

5/32" diameter kraft brown paper covered wire. Frequently used in wicker repair.