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CW-101M   101M - Medium Open 5/8" Mesh
CW-101M50   101M - Medium Open 5/8" Mesh
CW-102M   102M - Fine Open 1/2" Mesh
CW-102M50   102M - Fine Open 1/2" Mesh
CW-103M   103M - Fine Fine Open 7/16" Mesh
CW-103M50   103M - Fine Fine Open 7/16" Mesh
CW-104M   104M - Superfine Open 3/8" Mesh
CW-104M50   104M - Superfine Open 3/8" Mesh
CW-105M   105M - Giant Open 1" Mesh
CW-105M50   105M - Giant Open 1" Mesh
CW-201M   201M - Medium Close Woven
CW-201M50   201M - Medium Close Woven
CW-201MF   201MF - Fine Close Woven (24" width)
CW-201MF50   201MF - Fine Close Woven (24" width)
CW-201MFF   201MFF - Fine Fine Close Woven (24" width)
CW-201MFF50   201MFF - Fine Fine Close Woven (24" width)
CW-204M   204M - Medium Swedish Modern (24" width)
CW-204M50   204M - Medium Swedish Modern (24" width)
CW-358M   358M - Fine Box
CW-358M50   358M - Fine Box
CW-404M   404M - Swedish (24" width)
CW-404MF50   404M - Swedish (24" width)
CW-506M   506M - Common Open 3/4" Mesh (24" width)
CW-506M50   506M - Common Open 3/4" Mesh (24" width)
CW-607M   607M - Fine Fine Box
CW-607M50   607M - Fine Fine Box
F-QHB   ¼"-½" Bamboo Fence
RC-AC   Abaca Cloth
RC-AC33   Abaca Cloth
HH-ADHH   American Made D-shaped Hardwood Handles
HH-AMBR   American Made Market Basket Rims
HH-AOVH   American Made Oval Hoops
HH-ARH   American Made Round Hoops
S-ADN   Antique Decorative Nails
P-BP   Bamboo Poles
P-BPDZ   Bamboo Poles
BAS-BBO12   Basket Base - Oval 12"x20"
BAS-BBO14   Basket Base - Oval 14"x21"
BAS-BBO16   Basket Base - Oval 16"x24"
BAS-BBO4   Basket Base - Oval 4"x6"
BAS-BBO5   Basket Base - Oval 5"x8"
BAS-BBO7   Basket Base - Oval 7"x10"
BAS-BBO8   Basket Base - Oval 8"x12"
BAS-BBRE12   Basket Base - Rectangular 12"x18"
BAS-BBRE3   Basket Base - Rectangular 3"x8"
BAS-BBRE6   Basket Base - Rectangular 6"x12"
BAS-BBR10   Basket Base - Round 10"
BAS-BBR12   Basket Base - Round 12"
BAS-BBR14   Basket Base - Round 14"
BAS-BBR16   Basket Base - Round 16"
BAS-BBR3   Basket Base - Round 3"
BAS-BBR4   Basket Base - Round 4"
BAS-BBR5   Basket Base - Round 5"
BAS-BBR6   Basket Base - Round 6"
BAS-BBR8   Basket Base - Round 8"
BAS-BBSQ10   Basket Base - Square 10"x10"
BAS-BBSQ12   Basket Base - Square 12"x12"
BAS-BBSQ8   Basket Base - Square 8"x8"
TL-BRC   Basket Reed Cutter
TL-BSH   Basket Shears
BK-SILER1   Basketmaker's Baskets By Lyn Siler
BK-ATLAS   Basketry
BK-BOYSCOUTS   Basketry By Boys Scouts Of America
BK-CHRISTOPHER   Basketry By F.J. Christopher
BK-STEPHENSON   Basketry of the Appalachian Mountains By Sue H. Stephenson
BK-LAWALLDEPKE   Basketry Tomorrow's Treasures By Sherri Lawall & Pat Depke
BK-MCGUIRE   Basketry, The Shaker Tradition By John McGuire
CC-BC   Binder Cane
S-SHP100   Birchwood Screw Hole Plugs
S-SHP12   Birchwood Screw Hole Plugs
S-BSG   Braided Seagrass
KIT-HCSK   C-4 Hand Caning Stool Kit
BK-COMSTOCKCNE   Cane Seats for Chairs By Ruth Comstock
TL-CGL   Canecraft Glue
TL-CAW   Caning Awl
TL-CND   Caning Needle
TL-CPG   Caning Pegs
BK-SOBER   Chair Seat Weaving for Antique Chairs By Marion Burr Sober
CW-CW5MM   CW5MM - Close Woven (24" width)
CW-CW5MM50   CW5MM - Close Woven (24" width)
TL-DN   Danish Nails
BK-FIMPLER   Danish Seat Cord for Chairs By William Fimpler
WF-FBR   Fibre Braid (paper)
S-FRSH24   Fibre Rush
S-FRSHSP   Fibre Rush
S-FW   Fibre WIcker
RC-FCW   Fine Close Woven Raffia Cloth
RC-F   Fine Raffia Cloth(27" wide)
BAS-FAS1   Flat Ash Splint - 1" x 3/64"
BAS-FAS   Flat Ash Splint - 5/8" x 1/32" and 1/2" x 1/32"
S-FFS   Flat Fibre Splint Coil
S-FFSP   Flat Fibre Splint Spool
BAS-FOR   Flat Oval Reed
BAS-FRS   Flat Reed Splint
TL-HWW   Hardwood Wedges
HH-HHSO   Hearth Handle Sets, Oak (3pc unassembled)
F-HTH   Heather Fence
BK-COMSTOCKHKG   Hong Kong Grass, Rope and Twine Seats for Chairs By Ruth Comstock
S-HKSG1   Hong Kong Seagrass 1lb Coil
S-HKSG23   Hong Kong Seagrass 2-3lb Coil
BK-DUNCAN   How to Buy and Restore Wicker Furniture By Thomas Duncan
BK-JAMES   Indian Basketry By George Wharton James
KIT-JFS   Junior Foot Stool Kit
RC-LM   Lauhala Mat
RC-LM4x8   Lauhala Mat
RC-LM50   Lauhala Mat
BK-LAUGHRIDGE   Let’s Make an Egg Basket By J. Laughridge
BK-COMSTOCKMK   Making Chair Seats from Cane, Rush and Other Natural Materials By Ruth Comstock
RC-CM   Medium Coarse Raffia Cloth (38" wide)
F-MRC   Mexican Rain Cape
P-NR   Natural Rattan
P-NRPWS   Natural Rattan Poles with Skin and Visible Nodes
CC-NSC1000   Natural Strand Cane 1,000' Hank
CC-NSC250   Natural Strand Cane 250' Coil
CC-NSC500   Natural Strand Cane 500' Hank
CW-XA3512-01   Nu-kane XA3512-01 (24" wide)
CH-BRA   Oak Chair Braces (Hip Huggers)
S-DSCSPL   Original Danish Seat Cord - 10lb spool
S-DSC2LB   Original Danish Seat Cord - 2lb Coil
P-NRPAL   Palasan or Manau Poles without Skin
BK-PNO   Pine Needle Christmas Ornament Kit
BK-PNK   Pine Needle Complete Basket Kit
BK-FISHER   Pine Needles to Baskets and Other Things By Kay Fisher and Shirley Fuller
TL-PRS   Plywood Rush Shuttle
BAS-PHT   Polished Hemp Twine
SB-2010   Pressed Fibre Replacement Seat #2010
SB-2012   Pressed Fibre Replacement Seat #2012
SB-2022   Pressed Fibre Replacement Seat #2022
SB-2024   Pressed Fibre Replacement Seat #2024
SB-2050   Pressed Fibre Replacement Seat #2050
SB-2060   Pressed Fibre Replacement Seat #2060
SB-2070   Pressed Fibre Replacement Seat #2070
SB-2080   Pressed Fibre Replacement Seat #2080
S-PIR   Pretwisted Indonesian Rush
BAS-PWCCLRF   Processed West Coast Raffia - Color
TL-QNL   Quick Nailer
TL-RAFN   Raffia Needles
RH   Rawhide
RHL   Rawhide Lacing
F-RD   Reed Fence
BK-BLACK   Repairing Chair Seats By Sanna D. Black
BK-TURNER   Rib Baskets By Jean Turner
RC-F30   Roll(s) Fine Raffia Cloth (27" wide)
BAS-RR   Round Reed
BK-COMSTOCKRSH   Rush Seats for Chairs By Ruth Comstock
W-SGS   Seagrass Stems
TL-SST   Seat Stain for Blending Effects
CW-SFTW   SFTW - Superfine Twill (24" width)
CW-SFTW50   SFTW - Superfine Twill (24" width)
CC-SSR   Shaved Slab Rattan
TL-SWW   Softwood Wedges
CW-SP100   Spline
CW-SP50   Spline
CW-SP6   Spline
TL-SCU   Spline Cutter
TL-SRCH   Spline Removal Chisel
BK-COMSTOCKSPL   Splint Seats for Chairs By Ruth Comstock
BAS-SRR   Split or Half Round Reed
TL-SCL   Spring Clamp
HH-TDH   Tapered "D" Handles (aka Sharp Top)
RC-TM   Tea Mat/Diagonal Weave
BK-SILER   The Basket Book By Lyn Siler
BK-MILLERWIDESS   The Caner's Handbook By Bruce Miller and Jim Widess
BK-SUMMITTWIDESS   The Complete Book of Gourd Craft By Summitt & Widess
BK-WIDESS   The Complete Guide to Chair Caning by Jim Widess
BK-STANGLER   The Craft and Art of Bamboo: 30 Eco-Friendly Projects to Make for Home & Garden by Carol Stangler
TL-TPCT   Two Prong Caning Tool
BAS-UWCRF   Unprocessed Malagasy West Coast Raffia
W-WILT   Waxed Irish Linen Thread
TL-WRD   Weave Rite Tool - Bent Tip
TL-WRI   Weave Rite Tool - Extra Long Bent
TL-WRH   Weave Rite Tool - Extra Long Straight
TL-WRF   Weave Rite Tool - Heavy Duty Bent Tip
TL-WRE   Weave Rite Tool - Heavy Duty Straight Tip
TL-WRG   Weave Rite Tool - Short Tool
TL-WRA   Weave Rite Tool - Small Straight Tip
TL-WRC   Weave Rite Tool - Straight Tip
TL-WRB   Weave Rite Tool B
F-WTB   Whole Tonkin Bamboo Fencing
BK-HOPPE   Wicker Basketry By Flo Hoppe
WF-WBR   Wicker Braid (round reed)
HH-WHH   Williamsburg Hickory Handles
S-WS   Wire Stake

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